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You are the director!

An innovative experience!


Capture your adventures with our latest-generation compact camera


Dedicated service accompanies every step of the way to assist and enhance your images.


And receive your film where you are the heroe !

The concept

YouCapt collaborates with your concierge to provide you with an exclusive and service throughout the duration of your stay.

Our camera awaits you at your vacation destination, ready to capture your adventures.

Easy to use, YouCapt has created short videos to guide you step by step taking your film to the next level through dedicated

With dedicated online support and phone assistance.

At the end of your stay, leave your camera on site and our team will get on with their work.

A professional editor will enhance your precious videos to deliver an unforgettable film.

How it works ?


Book your video editing



Film your adventures



Relive your emotions


Why a GoPro camera?


Because it's a small, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-use camera, able to film in very high resolution!

Equipped with advanced stabilisation, it allows you to capture incredibly smooth and sharp images, even during your most action-packed adventures.

Moreover, it's waterproof, so you don't have to worry about splashes. Film underwater, in the snow, or in rainy weather – the GoPro is ready to follow you wherever your adventure takes you.

The video edits

Montage select

Editing of an 8 to 12-minute film with music.

Provision of a GoPro 11 camera for the duration of your stay (up to 7 days).


Personalized online assistance with your editor for any questions.


Cinema editing

Editing of a 20 to 25-minute film.

Complimentary short 2-minute version.

Collaboration with you on the editing style and music selection.

Provision of a GoPro 11 camera with accessories for the duration of your stay (up to 7 days).


Personalized online assistance with your editor for any questions.

Family on ski vacation

Assembly alone

You own your filming equipment.

Editing of an 8 to 10-minute film with music.


Access to tutorials for filming like a pro.

  • Q : Qu'est-ce que YouCapt ?
    A : YouCapt est un service innovant qui offre la possibilité de réserver une caméra pour capturer vos moments inoubliables lors de vos séjours, et de recevoir un film inoubliable monté par un professionnel.
  • Q : Que se passe-t-il si la caméra est perdue, volée ou endommagée ?
    A : Une caution est incluse dans le coût du montage vidéo. En cas de perte, vol ou dommage à la caméra, la caution peut être retenue.
  • Q : Que faire en cas de perte de la carte ?
    A : En cas de perte de la carte mémoire, veuillez nous contacter immédiatement via notre service téléphonique. Nous vous fournirons des instructions sur la marche à suivre pour résoudre la situation.
  • Q : Si aucune vidéo n’est exploitable, que se passe-t-il ?
    A : Dans le cas improbable où aucune vidéo n'est exploitable, veuillez nous contacter pour discuter des solutions possibles. Nous sommes là pour vous assister à chaque étape.

You are a tour operator, travel agency or concierge service and would like to offer your customers a unique and innovative service ?


Contact us



255 chemin du grivier 

26400 Grane

Business hours

Mon. - Fri.

8 a.m. - 8 p.m.


9 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Join our community of video editing enthusiasts and benefit from special offers.

Thank you for your registration!

YouCapt: Paris, Marseille, Valencia

Tel: 0608658455

Siret number: 42963905700059


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